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Runflat Tyres at Tallaght and Nutgrove Tyres, Dublin

What do Runflats do?

Runflat tyres are specially designed tyres with reinforced sidewalls which allow them to continue to perform after air pressure has been lost.

How long can I drive runflats after a puncture?

A vehicle can still cover a distance of up to 80 km at a speed of up to 80km/h (depending on load and vehicle and tyre brand,refer to manufacturer) after which the tyre would be rendered unsafe for further use.

Can a runflat be repaired?

It depends on how far and at what speed the vehicle was driven after the puncture. As runflat repair specialists we would examine the the tyre first to determine its suitability for a safe repair.

Low tyre pressure symbolRunflat or tyre pressure loss symbol

The symbol to the right indicates tyre pressure loss in one of the vehicles tyres, you will need to take your vehicle to our nearest branch for examination and advice.

At Tallaght Tyres and Nutgrove Tyres our fitters can reset your vehicles TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system)if no fault is found or a replacement is needed.

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