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What are Exchange Tyres ?

Exchange Tyres / Demounts:  

This is usually due to the vehicle owner wishing to change their tyres to a different size/profile or more weather specific tyres such as winter tyres. The exchange tyres can then be used on other vehicles at a discounted price to what they would be brand new due to the fact that they have been used on another vehicle and may have some wear.

The best quality exchange tyres

Here at Tallaght and Nutgrove Tyres all of our Exchange tyres are:

  • Guaranteed to be between 6mm and 8mm of tread (approximately 1,500km of use).
  • Under manufacturers warranty
  • Fully Pressure tested
  • From a leading brand manufacturer, such as Continental, Michelin or Semperit
  • All 'E' Marked from a European Manufacturer
  • Available in most rim sizes

For all of these reasons you can rest assured that Tallaght and Nutgrove exchange tyres will not only deliver good value but keep your car on the road for longer.

All of our exchange tyres are fitted and balanced at no extra cost. To find out more give Tallaght a call on 014515760 or Nutgrove on 014958884.

Exchange run flat tyres

Tallaght and Nutgrove also stock exchange run flat tyres.  To find out more about run flat tyres click here.