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EU Tyre Label

The European Tyre label is a new label system for all new tyres sold in the marketplace today.  This system was introduced in Nov 2012 to provide customers more information on a tyres safety, environmental impact and fuel efficiency.

What are the Ratings?

The label is split into three parts and will look like the below:

The new eu tyre label

  • The top left rates the tyres fuel efficiency - from G (the least efficient) to A (the most efficient) - this may effect the fuel consumption by up to 7.5%
  • The top right rates the tyres wet grip - This is similar to the above and rates the tyres wet braking distance from G (longest braking distance) to A (shortest braking distance) - this has as much impact as a 30% shorter braking distance.
  • Tyre Rolling Noise - The bottom part of the label indicates the noise of the tyre with one black wave being the quietest and three loudest.


Take a look at the video to find out more: